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The Thrive25 Scholarship

Fill out the form and get 25% off your tuition when you enroll* - it’s that easy!

  • 4- and 8-week courses
  • Online classes
  • Monthly class starts
  • Veteran-founded nonprofit
  • Transfer-friendly
  • Regionally accredited programs


  • *Must start by 4/3. This scholarship can’t be combined with other offers. Select programs available.
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I want 25% off my tuition

How to Apply

Applying for Thrive25 is simple—just fill out the form above, and a 25% discount will be applied to your tuition once you enroll in a program! In order to qualify for the Thrive25 scholarship, you will need to start in an NU Bachelor or Master’s degree by April 3rd, 2023.

We know selecting a degree can be intimidating, that’s why we have academic advisors available to help. They’ll guide you through the admissions process, help you choose your classes, and support you from enrollment through commencement. After you fill out the form, you’ll be connected to get the support you need or you can contact us right away at 888-236-1093.

For complete terms and conditions, please click here.

  • Save Time and Tuition

    Studying and completing just one course each month keeps you focused on your goals, balanced in your life, and on the fast track to graduation.

  • Education Designed for Your Life

    We customize education plans that include adaptive instruction, holistic student support, and competency-based credentialing.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    $50 Million in scholarships were awarded last year. We believe in offering equitable access to the pursuit of a high-quality college degree.

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